There are a lot of things about Marconi Dental Group to be impressed by. The office is not only clean and modern, but comfortable and welcoming. The staff is friendly and attentive (more on that in a minute!). Their approach to dental care is gentle and kind. But if I had to encapsulate Marconi Dental Group's philosophy into one term, it would be "Patient Engagement". I've been going to the dentist for over 30 years, and this is the first office I've ever encountered who asked so many questions about me before they did a single exam! My preferences, my comfort level, my concerns, even how many or few details I wanted during the exam. And when I requested as many details as possible, I actually got them! I even went over my x-rays alongside my dentist, tooth by tooth, so I could hear his thought process about what he saw. He encouraged me to weigh in with my thoughts about potential treatment plans and priorities. Not once in the appointment did I feel let down. I never felt talked down to or rushed. I never felt ignored or unimportant. I got the impression everyone involved genuinely wanted me to be an active participant in my appointment, and in my dental care in-general. That's just not an experience I've had with a dentist before - EVER. I left my first visit feeling like everyone in the office saw me as a PERSON, not a patient chart or a revenue stream. And I realized afterwards, I'm more motivated about my dental care routine than I ever have been before. I'm not the ideal patient - before this appointment, I hadn't been to the dentist in two years, and I've never really taken great care of my teeth. But my experience at Marconi Dental Group encouraged me to care as much about my dental health as they do!