I had the best experience at Marconi Dental Group. I was experiencing sensitivity in a tooth that I had another dentist office work on the month before. When that dentist finished his work, my pain was more intense than before I went in. It was the worst pain. I had to take Tylenol every night. I let my previous dentist know this and his response was, "It will get better." Well it didn't. That's when I did research and found Marconi Dental Group. Everyone was really nice and Dr. Alizadeh found the problem. He had to drill out the filling I had put in the month before and re-fill the tooth. After the numbing went away, I immediately felt better. It's a little sore but it's not throbbing like it was after I left the previous office. I'm extremely happy they were able to work with me and squeeze me in as my insurance was about to expire. Great office and excellent work!