Dental Implants: Replace Your Tooth, Save Your Smile

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When you have healthy gums and bone and you only need to replace an entire tooth or more, Dental Implants are the best answer. Implants will help preserve your gums, jawbone, the shape of your face, and the position of the remaining teeth while solving the problem of having lost your tooth or teeth.

Find out how implants could be the correct choice for you.

How Do Implants Work?


A metal anchor is implanted in the jaw for each missing tooth. To ensure the replacement tooth is stable, the anchor must fuse to the bone. This process can take up from 3 to 6 months, but this time is essential for making the implant completely secure.


While the metal anchor is being placed, you get to sleep through the whole thing! No need to sweat, just sit back and relax.


The implant is then crowned with an artificial tooth, becoming a permanent and comfortable part of your mouth. Multiple anchors can be used to install bridges or dentures, also working to preserve the precious bone in your jaw.

What Should You Know About Implants?

You Need Comprehensive Treatment

It is important to know that getting a “implant” is a process that requires various steps to complete. Typically, a dental office isn’t equipped to carry out a full dental implant procedure due to limited equipment.

However, our Sacramento Marconi Dentists are able to place and restore your FULL dental implants in one convenient location. We are adequately equipped with all the proper and necessary tools to offer the full service of dental implants.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Get Dental Implants

Implanting a tooth into the space of the one that you just lost may seem a bit daunting and painful but this isn’t the case. Like any other dental procedure or surgery, are are around the implant site will be numbed by us so that you don’t feel any discomfort or pain. You can even request sedation to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Insurance May Actually Cover a Portion of Your Treatment

Dental implants aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be. More recently we’re finding them to be a cost efficient solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental insurance companies are also starting to feel the same way. In fact, many insurance plans are starting to cover at least a portion of the implant process. Plus, your implant restoration, such as a crown, bridge, or denture, can also be applied to your insurance plan benefits.

Insurance May Actually Cover a Portion of Your Treatment

In the past, technology for dental implant placement was limited. Since then, implant design and placement techniques have evolved. At Marconi Dental Group, we can provide comprehensive implant treatments to people that may need bone grafts, sinus lifts, or have previously been told they weren’t candidates for implants. Contact us and schedule your consultation now, to see if you can get dental implants, you may just get surprised!
Let our skilled and compassionate team at Marconi Dental Group advise you on the benefits of dental implants. You can’t get back the teeth you were born with, but you can get excellent replacements for the ones you have lost. Come in for an office visit and we can discuss if you are a candidate for this procedure to restore your confidence and your smile.

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