After Root Canal

If you’re looking for a Sacramento dentist or endodontist that is experienced in root canal treatment, the Marconi Dental Group can help.

But many patients wonder: What happens after a root canal? Let’s take a closer look as to what you can expect.

After Surgery

Immediately following your root canal treatment, your dentist will remind you of the following general guidelines:

  • Try applying an ice pack to the affected area to help keep swelling down.
  • Do not attempt to eat until any numbness from the anesthetic wears off, so as to avoid biting your cheek or tongue.
  • When you do feel like eating, stick to a soft diet for the first day or two. Stay away from very hot or cold foods.
  • Try your best to avoid biting down on the treated tooth for the first few days after treatment.
  • Stick to your normal routine of brushing and flossing. Be careful around the affected area.
  • No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours (and throughout the healing process, if possible).

Your doctor will give you specific instructions regarding pain management, including the proper medication dosage.

Additionally, be sure to contact us right away if you:

  • believe you might be having an allergic reaction to your medication
  • are still in severe pain a few days after your treatment
  • have a bite that seems to be very uneven
  • have an entire temporary filling that falls out of your mouth

The Days Following Treatment

For the first few days following your root canal, you should expect to feel tenderness and swelling around the affected tooth. This is normal and an indication that your body has begun the healing process. Be sure to follow your dentist’s instructions regarding any medication, along with the general instructions. Also try to avoid chewing on the side of the mouth that was treated until the soreness has gone away.

You might also find that the treated tooth feels slightly different, or even that it appears a bit loose. These feelings should go away after several days. If they don’t, feel free to give us a call.

Your Next Appointment

Your initial root canal treatment is step one in the process of getting your tooth back to its full function. At the end of this appointment, your doctor will arrange step two, which involves placing a permanent restoration, or crown, on the tooth.

The placement of the crown is very important as it is designed to protect the tooth for many years.

Moving Forward

Once your root canal is complete, you can gain comfort in knowing that this tooth has now been strengthened for day-to-day use for years to come. In fact, it’s likely that a tooth that has undergone successful root canal treatment lasts just as long as the other, completely healthy permanent teeth.

Of course, you’ll play a major role in determining that success. It’s vital that you follow a regular routine of brushing and flossing, along with regular dental examinations and cleanings.

And if you have any questions about the health of your repaired tooth, you’re welcome to call us at the Marconi Dental Group—your Sacramento root canal specialists!