Choosing Invisalign

Your Best Option in Orthodontics

You have some options in dealing with crooked or gapped teeth. While the staff at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group respects any decision you make, after learning about your choices, you’ll understand why we think the “clear choice” for your orthodontics is Invisalign.

What Are Some Options for Fixing Your Teeth?

The first option for your crooked teeth is to do nothing, but that could put your gums at risk because crooked teeth mean more places for bacteria to hide. And doing nothing means living with a less than optimal smile.

You could opt for veneers, and the dentists at the Marconi Dental Group are happy to discuss this procedure with you. Veneers give you a healthy-looking straight smile, but don’t actually improve any gum issues you may have from misaligned or gapped teeth and simply mask your malocclusion.

Your third option is traditional braces. We are very confident that the final results of traditional braces would make the inconvenience and discomfort worth it in the long run. And your gums will benefit greatly from having your teeth aligned.

Yet, when you learn about the wonderful benefits of Invisalign, you’ll understand why the Marconi Dental Group feels this is the fourth and best option for you. Invisalign gives you the straight smile you want, it gives your gums their best chance at staying healthy and you will be thrilled with the comfort and convenience of using custom aligner trays over traditional braces. Make an appointment and come in to to discuss your choices. Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group is here to help you make the best choice in orthodontics.

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