Beautiful Teeth Without the Disadvantages

You would love more than anything to have your teeth straightened. And you would love it even more if that could be accomplished without braces. Simply stated — you want straight teeth, but you want them straightened invisibly. What seems too good to be true is now a tested and popular option in orthodontics. Invisalign, first introduced in 1999, is now used in over fifty countries, including China. More than a million people have enjoyed the benefits of Invisalign, creating a solid track record for this amazing choice in modern dentistry. It’s time you learn more about what you used to wish for: a comfortable, affordable and pleasant alternative to traditional braces.

Most adults prefer Invisalign for orthodontic treatment due to the invisibility and ease of use.There are many reasons why adults end up with teeth that are crooked or misaligned. Maybe it wasn’t a priority for your family or the funds just weren’t there when you were younger. If you did get your teeth straightened, perhaps you didn’t wear your retainer as often as you should have and now your teeth have “slipped” a bit, or more than a bit. Maybe straight teeth were not that important to you, but at this time in your life they are very important. Whatever the case, there is no reason for you to spend one more year with teeth that don’t make you happy. One of the most positive things you can do for your confidence is to fix your smile with Invisalign from Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group.

Straight teeth are more than a cosmetic improvement. They really are better for your dental health. A proper smile leads to healthier gums and teeth. Plus, you now have a choice that you didn’t have when you were younger. You can choose to straighten your teeth with comfort, confidence and convenience using Invisalign.

Invisalign Advantages for Adults

  • Time Saved – Invisalign means you will spend much less time visiting your dentist. New aligners arrive in your mailbox and visits to your dentist are four to six weeks apart.
  • Cleaning is Easier — Just take out your aligner, brush and floss as usual. Your teeth stay healthy as they improve in appearance.
  • Appearance – Invisalign avoids the embarrassment of trying to eat a business lunch with a mouth full of brackets and bands. You’ll look completely natural in pictures and for all the big events in your life. In fact, your friends may not even realize you’re using Invisaling, unless they’re the “up close and personal” kind.
  • Cost – The Marconi Dental Group offers financing  through its Carmichael office for all Invisalign treatments. Also, depending on your dental insurance and the specific procedure, some uses of Invisalign may be covered partially or completely. Normally we find the time and the money for things that are important to us. Are straight teeth worth it to you?

You Can Start Invisalign Now!

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