Adult Orthodontics

Many adults are happy they didn’t have to be “that kid” in high school, the one with the metal teeth who was mocked or avoided. But later, those same kids get the braces removed to reveal straight, symmetrical teeth and a fantastic smile. Other people notice it too. And those same reluctant kids find themselves a little envious when they’re adults, looking in a mirror and wondering if it’s too late to straighten their own crooked teeth and get a similar smile.

Thankfully, the Marconi Dental Group has orthodontic treatments for adults living in Sacramento. Multiple options are available, including more subtle alternatives for those still worried about the look of traditional braces. But before we discuss those, why are orthodontics for adults such a great idea?

The Basics About Orthodontics

All our teeth change their position a little over time. As we get older, once straight teeth many even rotate or slide out of place, now gradually becoming crooked. Orthodontics take this natural process and focus and direct it to straighten teeth according to a customized plan. Why get orthodontic treatment?

Straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain when you brush and floss, leading to healthier teeth and gums. Crooked teeth often cause bite problems or issues with sleeping, like teeth grinding or snoring. Orthodontics help to correct and even alleviate such problems. Straight teeth from orthodontics greatly boost your confidence, providing you with a better appearance than before.

Orthodontic Options

Recent technologies and materials provide efficient and effective orthodontic appliances for patients at any age, and the Marconi Dental Group in Sacramento offers many options to meet your needs.

  • Traditional metal braces — metal brackets are bonded to the front of your teeth and connected by a metal wire running through the middle of each bracket.
  • Clear Braces — instead of traditional metal brackets, plastic or ceramic brackets connect the wires. The color of these brackets is adjustable, so they can blend in with the natural color of your teeth. The wire itself is typically the only thing people might notice, but those can be colored too.
  • Lingual braces — if you are concerned about the look of traditional braces, lingual braces might be a reasonable choice. Lingual braces connect to the back of your teeth, facing the tongue, so they are not easily visible to others. Due to the limited space in their position, however, they often require a more custom fit and getting used to them takes longer.
  • Clear aligners — instead of a permanent appliance fixed to your teeth, clear aligners like Invisalign are a series of removable plastic trays. However, they still apply pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into a new position. As your teeth move, you receive new sets of trays to keep the pressure steady.

During and After Your Orthodontic Treatment

Most orthodontic procedures last anywhere from six to thirty-six months. The time it takes depends on many factors, like the amount of repositioning necessary or the type of appliances that must be used. Interestingly, the Marconi Dental Group offers a technique called Propel that speeds up the orthodontic process. You can read more about Propel on our web page.

But teeth can be stubborn. Once the orthodontic appliances are removed, they want to go back to where they were. Using a retainer for a while helps your teeth stay in their new position. Before your orthodontic treatment is completed, you and your Sacramento dentist will discuss the choices.

You don’t have to be a teenager in high school to let orthodontics straighten your teeth or brighten your smile. If you would like to know more about adult orthodontic treatment and how it can benefit you, please give our office a call or schedule a consultation online. The Marconi Dental Group is ready to assist you to make your smile the best it can be.

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