When it comes to adjusting crooked teeth into a great smile, orthodontic methods are still the best way to do it. However, modern technology and techniques have opened a variety of advancements in how braces look, feel and work. Also, recent developments have brought alternatives that might be more convenient for your circumstances.

Instead of trying to fix everything at the same time, recently-developed orthodontic options allow the Marconi Dental Group to adapt their methods and prioritize certain dental issues, addressing them one after the other or simultaneously. The process to choose is determined by whether completing one procedure will make the next issue easier to resolve. Ultimately, we look for the treatment that leads to a better smile in the shortest time.

Here are some orthodontic options that we provide:

This treatment is very popular and now a standard orthodontic treatment. Invisalign treatment uses clear, removable, comfortable trays. These trays, or aligners, can treat all of your teeth, only a portion, or isolate the treatment to your upper or lower row of teeth. The treatment can last up to eighteen months, but shorter or longer treatments are also available.

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Six Month Smiles
Six Month Smiles
The Six Month Smiles system is a standard treatment for cosmetic issues, like fixing a crooked tooth. This type of braces system is colored to match your teeth and is designed to take no more than 180 days.

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Standard Braces
Depending on your issue, standard braces might still be the best option to get a better smile. Fortunately, recent technologies offer less intrusive, less visible options to get your teeth in the right position. If you’re afraid of losing expensive Invisalign trays, or might be inclined to simply not wear them, the permanent nature of standard braces might be the best option for you.

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Propel is a technique that speeds up orthodontic treatment. For instance, an eighteen-month treatment can be reduced to nine months, or a yearlong procedure is brought down to a mere six months with Propel. It can be added to any orthodontic procedure, at almost any point in the process, although the best results come from starting with Propel. If you already have braces, adding Propel can move up your timetable for a better smile.

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