Zoom! Tooth Whitening
Zoom! Tooth Whitening can be completed in one visit to our Carmichael dental office.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening System

As we grow older, the whiteness of our teeth dims from use and diet. In today’s world, even young adults see their teeth getting yellowed from coffee, sodas, enamel-staining foods or smoking. And since our teeth lose their white appearance over decades, how long will it take to bring it back? About an hour or so, thanks to the Zoom! Whitening System. Zoom! uses a safe, proprietary gel, along with a special lighting system, to bring back the luster of your smile, whitening your teeth up to eight shades brighter than before.

What Zoom! Has to Offer

  • Speed – the Zoom! System takes only one visit of sixty minutes, and your regular day continues. No follow-up visits, no at-home continuations.
  • Experience – Our team at the Marconi Dental Group takes care of everything for you, fully trained on the equipment and the procedure. No trays to fill, no tubes to squeeze, no messy compounds getting on your clothes or skin.
  • Sensitivity – We’ve heard stories (maybe the same ones you have) of people throwing out their home kits because it makes their teeth hurt. The Zoom! System is proven to be gentle on sensitive teeth, with much shorter application time than at-home products.
  • Results – As you leave the office after getting the Zoom! System applied, look in a mirror. You will notice the significant difference of whiter teeth – and so will everyone you smile at!

Our Sacramento dental team is ready to assist you in brightening your smile with Zoom! Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Tooth Whitening Methods Compared

MethodsTreatment of TimeResultsNotes
Zoom! Chairside45 MinutesAvg. 8 shadesResults are immediateLong lasting

Less fading

Safe & comfortable

No guesswork, performed by a dental professional

At-Home OTC Trays7-14 Days6 shadesDo it yourselfTrays

No immediate results

Whitening Strips or Paint-on Gel7-30 Days3-4 shadesUnreliable tooth whiteningNo immediate results
Toothpaste1 Month +1-2 shadesYou lose the results once you stop using the toothpasteTreats surface stains only

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