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More Choices Than Ever for Clear Orthodontic Treatment

While many of our Carmichael dental patients want to use Invisalign to fix problems with the appearance of their teeth, some are afraid of the cost of orthodontic treatment. If you attend the Marconi Dental Group’s Spring Invisalign Day on March 21st, 2014, you will discover that Invisalign offers many treatment options. The cost of fixing your smile may be as low as $995!

Invisalign Treatment Options

Invisalign Full

This is the standard Invisalign treatment. Patients requiring Invisalign Full need more than twenty weeks of orthodontics and have a fairly complicated dental problem. Adjustments to their treatment plan may be required along the way and Invisalign Full includes these costs.

The Marconi Dental Group provides Invisalign for teens and their parents.
You want them to eat right and have the best health possible. Invisalign helps them with both!

Invisalign Teen

Like Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen is a program for handling complex orthodontic issues, but for teenagers. The Teen system also includes six free aligner replacements (in case an aligner is lost), adjustments to the treatment plan and “wear indicators,” to make sure the teenager is actually using Invisalign around the clock.

Invisalign Express 10

Less than six months to a new smile is the goal of Express 10. This Invisalign program is designed for minor crowding or spacing issues and orthodontic relapse. All treatments with Express 10 last no more than twenty weeks. So if you qualify for Express 10, you can actually be finished in five months! Plus, if your condition qualifies for this treatment option, your costs will obviously be lower.

Invisalign Express 5

“We consistently see patients who have always wanted to fix that annoying little space between their teeth or whose teeth have just begun to shift since going without retainers for so many years.” — Dr. David Chenin on Invisalign Express 5

Ten weeks to a new smile is the goal for Express 5! As with Express 10, your orthodontic problem needs to be a matter of fixing minor crowding or spacing issues or correcting an orthodontic relapse. If an additional aligner is required for a final adjustment, it can be made available, extending treatment by two weeks. This is the lowest cost Invisalign treatment available, although not all patients will qualify for Express 5.

Find Out Which Invisalign Option is Right for You

To find out which Invisalign option will work for you, meet with our Carmichael dentists on March 21st! A complimentary consultation and Invisalign preparation, giveaways and Invisalign discounts are all features of this special day. The Marconi Dental Group is taking appointments for the Spring Invisalign Day via our website, by telephone at 916-589-6462 or if you visit our friendly staff at 4350 Marconi Avenue, Suite 100. All of us look forward to meeting you on Invisalign Day!

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Invisalign Assist and Teen sound like great options for parents with teenagers and for those on a budget. What’s the general criteria to qualify for Assist?

Myra, thank you for your comment. Invisalign Assist and Invisalign Teen have a system in place where we as clinicians can verify if your teenager is wearing the aligners for the whole time. I have also included a link here for you to see all of the other benefits of treatment.

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