Why You Owe it to Yourself to Wear an Athletic Mouth Guard

Custom Sports Mouth Guards at The Marconi Dental Group | Carmichael CA

Investing in a protective mouth guard to wear during athletic activities is one of the smartest and most effective pieces of dental insurance that you will ever buy. Here’s why:

Reduction in Concussions

The most recent research indicates that a custom fitted guard can drastically reduce the occurrence of concussions during an injury. How? Athletic guards place a small amount of space between the teeth, so that if the jaws come together, they are not fully engaged. Thus the bony extension of the lower jaw does not come into contact with the skull. This site is a location where if the jaw were to be impaled into the skull, it could result in a concussion. Extra padding between the teeth prevents the concussion from occurring.

No Broken Teeth

It goes without saying, but the primary purpose of a mouth guard is to protect your teeth. Broken, chipped teeth can happen during any type of physical or athletic activity. Whether it’s an individual sport like biking or group activities like soccer, basketball and football – the teeth are at the forefront of common injury sites. Some sports require athletes to wear a guard during events, while others make it optional. Just because it’s optional doesn’t mean it isn’t a risk!

Decreased Facial Trauma

Did you know that most orofacial emergencies also involve a busted or lacerated lip? Having a protective guard can prevent the lips and cheeks from being impaled by the edges of the teeth. Protect yourself from a common emergency room visit and a few sets of stitches!

Eliminate Long-Term Damage

Maybe your injury doesn’t seem to have caused any problems – yet. The truth is, a bump in the mouth from a baseball, elbow, or a fall might not cause any symptoms for over a decade. Then suddenly, you begin to notice the tooth turning a darker shade than the teeth around it. This post-trauma nerve damage is very common. Once it happens, a root canal and crown are the only things left that can save the tooth from resorption.

Why a Custom Guard is Different

Anyone can buy a stock-fit mouth guard at their nearest supermarket. Unfortunately, one-size guards do not protect your smile to the extent that a custom guard can. What makes them different? A custom guard will not easily dislodge from your teeth during a fall or blow to the mouth, when a stock guard would. The customized fit keeps the guard snuggly around each tooth so that it is even comfortable to talk or drink without it coming out of place. Many types of athletic injuries are secondary – not from the initial blow – but from the fall or subsequent trauma that comes after the first hit. Custom fitted guards stay where you need them to be the entire time.

Marconi Dental Group can help your family athlete enjoy a healthier smile for life. Call us today to have your custom fitted guard made in no time.

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