What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Do you feel like your entire smile needs to be completely made over again? Not necessarily just for the aesthetic aspect…but just to get your teeth back to the point where they can chew, bite, and function normally? If so, then full mouth rehabilitation (FMR) is likely your best option.

Restoring Your Entire Bite

Each and every FMR case is catered to the specific health needs and goals of the individual patient. For instance, you may be missing all of your teeth, or you could have numerous teeth that need to be extracted.

With an FMR case, our Carmichael dentists can provide you with:

  • Various treatment options to choose from, such as implants vs. dentures, or crowns vs. veneers
  • A combination of therapies that are catered to the unique needs of your overall smile, one tooth at a time
  • Appropriate treatments that fit your budget

Who Needs Their Entire Smile Restored?

There can be a variety of factors that put a person at risk of needed FMR. Perhaps you recently completed treatment for a severe case of cancer and need to be able to eat comfortably. Or, you didn’t have access to dental care growing up, so things have never been quite right for several years now. Maybe you’ve overcome substance abuse and are looking to turn a new leaf. Whatever you’ve been through, an FMR is catered to get you smiling comfortably again.

Don’t Forget the Cosmetic Results!

The primary focus of all rehabilitative dentistry is to bring your bite into healthy harmony so that you can focus on your overall wellness. That being said, aesthetics certainly don’t go overlooked! As our Carmichael dentist restores your smile, he will also implement aesthetic techniques that boost the appearance of your teeth.

A few such examples include modifying the shape or coloration of new crowns, bridges, or dentures to compliment your appearance. As your teeth are repaired, you experience a “smile makeover” that goes right along with your bite’s rehabilitation.

How Can I Afford the Treatment?

It’s likely that one of your biggest concerns will be related to the overall cost of your care. How expensive is it going to be? How are you going to pay for it? Will your insurance cover any of the treatment?

After Dr. Alizadeh has helped you to customize your treatment plan, our financial coordinator will walk you through an estimated breakdown of what is or is not covered by dental insurance. Next, we will show you what the estimated portion of your responsibility will be. Many of our patients choose to finance all or a part of their treatment, for which we are happy to arrange.

Your treatment plan can include an alternative treatment for you to consider, when possible. This way you can weigh your financial options and incorporate those needs into your planning.

You Deserve to Smile Confidently

The appearance and function of your teeth goes far deeper than being able to chew a meal. It directly impacts your self-confidence. Explore the FMR options at Marconi Dental Group by calling our Carmichael office today!

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