What is an Endodontist?

What is an Endodontist

Last time we talked about the role of a periodontist at the Marconi Dental Group. Now we want to discuss the importance of endodontists. What do they do and how are they helpful for our Carmichael patients?

Helping with Tooth Ache

Endodontists are specialists in diagnosing tooth pain and saving damaged teeth. For example, if you have an infection in the inner part of the tooth, curing your problem requires endodontics. Endodontics primarily includes procedures that take place inside the tooth, especially in the root canals. Endodontists do more than just root canals, however, as they also perform other tooth saving procedures.

For example, if a broken, cracked or dislodged tooth can be saved, it’s our endodontist that will likely treat you. Endodontistry is essentially considered the art of saving teeth!

How to Become an Endodontist

To become an endodontist, first you must study to become a general dentist. That process already takes four years of post-graduate study, much like any other doctor. Endodontics is a specialty practice, however, so becoming an endodontist requires a minimum of two additional years of study into the causes of tooth pain and the solutions for various forms of interior and exterior damage to teeth.

To meet the endodontist at the Marconi Dental Group, visit our practice by making an appointment online or by calling 916-589-6462. We look forward to seeing you and helping with all of your dental needs.

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