Tips For Better Breath This Valentine’s Day

Tis’ the season for whispering sweet nothings and toe-curling kisses. If leaning in a little closer has your sweetheart running away, your Carmichael dentist can help! Here are 5 tips to help your breath, and your love life, on Valentine’s Day:

Stick Out Your Tongue And Say, “Ahh”…

…or so the doctor always says, but if sticking out your tongue has you shrieking, “Aaaah,” instead, it might be time for a little tongue hygiene. Your tongue maintains a thin coating of mucus, that unfortunately can trap particles of that garlic bread you enjoyed for lunch, or the coffee you had when you woke up.

Our Marconi Dental staff recommend using a tongue scraper, or your toothbrush with a small bit of toothpaste, to gently cleanse your tongue from back to front. Make it a part of your twice-daily teeth cleaning for best results.

Brush Your Breath

So… your tongue is nice and clean and your teeth are sparkly, but your breath is still running off your significant other? It might surprise you, but your cleaning habits might still be the culprit. When brushing teeth, many patients neglect to brush their gums, which can also harbor odor-causing bacteria. A little gentle brushing along the delicate tissue of your mouth can chase the bad breath away. Don’t slack off on your flossing, either! Bits of food debris can lodge between your teeth, contributing to your halitosis. With a little extra dental attention, your kiss could be a breath of fresh air.

Bless You!

Are your allergies at the root of your kissing woes? If your mouth is sparkling clean, but your breath isn’t, then allergies might just be the problem. The saliva in your mouth plays an important role by flushing away odor-causing food particles in your mouth. When allergies strike, your eyes water, the sniffles hit – and your mouth gets dry. Even worse, most allergy medicines make dry mouth even worse. A dry mouth can really impact your love life, so ask your doctor about an alternative medication that will relieve your symptoms, without worsening your breath.

Put A Little Tingle In Your Kiss

Essential oils are all the rage, and for good reason! Our favorite tip is applying a drop of peppermint oil to the tongue. Not only can it freshen your breath, it might just ease your headache a bit, too. When you dab on a little cologne or perfume, reach for the peppermint oil, too!

The Perfect Smile

Special days call for special measures – and Valentine’s is no different! You’ve shopped for the perfect outfit, for a night on the town. You’ve had your nails done and your up-do perfected, but what about your smile? Make it a dazzling one by scheduling your dental checkup a few days before that romantic evening. A tartar free smile, all polished and clean, just begs for your honey to snuggle closer and let the sparks fly. If you live in the greater Carmichael area, call Marconi Dental today, to schedule your appointment.