The Ins and Outs of Tooth Whitening

How you can safely whiten your teeth with the help of our Carmichael dentists.

A brand new baby tooth is a beautiful thing — perfect, healthy and white. Then you go through life and slurp down triple cappuccinos, blueberries, chai lattes and possibly use cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Soon those gorgeous, beautiful teeth become off-white, then yellow, and even grey or brown. Can you turn back the dental clock with tooth whitening?

Do OTC Tooth Whiteners Really Work?

Teeth whitening pastes, gels and other over-the-counter (OTC) kits are filling the shelves of your local drug stores and even supermarkets. Bleaching systems promise to whiten your teeth to the shades of your dreams. Bright white, clean white or super white — they all make big promises. The only trouble is, overuse of these do-it-yourself whiteners may knock off more than your socks. You may be damaging the very things you are trying to improve — your teeth!

There is a very real danger of gum irritation or tooth sensitivity from using OTC tooth whitening products. Extremely abrasive toothpastes cannot change the shade of your natural tooth color, they just temporarily remove surface stains. Use these toothpastes excessively and you can even brush away your tooth enamel! Another fact to consider is that if you have existing dental work (crowns, bridges or implants, for example), the color you want to achieve may in fact make your teeth appear mismatched.

The Advantage of Professional Tooth Whitening

Speak to our Carmichael dentists if you are concerned about the shade of your teeth. We make certain that your teeth are protected from erosion and sensitivity by using professional products before, during and after your tooth whitening. So if you want an incredibly white smile, make an appointment with the Marconi Dental Group for professional tooth whitening. Together we can create a plan to bring your teeth to an appropriate shade while leaving your whole mouth healthy and bright.

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I’d love to get my teeth professionally whitened. I’ve wasted so much money on OTC products that just don’t work! How does this affect teeth that already have enamel loss though?

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