Is There Fluoride in My Drinking Water?

Fluoride in Drinking Water

The 2017 Sacramento Suburban Water District Report

Flourite Mineral Stone

Levels of Fluoride in Drinking Water Included

The Sacramento Suburban Water District (SSWD) serves a large number of our Marconi Dental Group patients, as it includes the northern parts of Sacramento and the western parts of Carmichael. So the results found in the district’s 2017 Consumer Confidence Report should be of interest to our clients. It includes information on contaminants in their tap water, as well as the amount of fluoride.

North Service Area Relies on Natural Fluoride

Fluoride is the ion of the element fluorine, and is found in natural minerals and salts all around the world. For example, above you see a picture of fluorite, a combination of calcium and fluorine. Fluoride is present below ground in Sacramento, and therefore appears in the natural groundwater of the SSWD North Service Area (NSA, north of Whitney Avenue and generally west of Manzanita Avenue). 2 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride is considerable an acceptable level of natural fluoride. That’s somewhat similar to saying that in one million molecules of water, you should find no more than 2 molecules of fluoride. In the NSA water, it takes over ten million molecules of water to find 2 molecules of fluoride (the official average from all source wells is .18 ppm, with a high of .28 ppm). Although this is below the recommended therapeutic level of .7 ppm, the district does not add additional fluoride to the NSA water. Nevertheless, some protection from cavities may result from these lower levels.

South Service Area Uses Safe Water Fluoridation

The South Service Area (SSA, south of Highway 80 and Whitney Avenue and generally west of Walnut Avenue) does add fluoride to the water, with a goal of 1 ppm. The average levels are usually less than that, with the water ranging from .6 to 1 ppm. This provides good protection from cavities for youngsters and adults who drink the SSA tap water.

Conclusions on the SSWD Water Report

The best part of the water report is that it lists no contaminants above allowed levels and many water contaminants are not even detected in Sacramento surface and well water. As for fluoride, it is very beneficial for limiting enamel loss in both children and adults. Fluoride treatment is part of every semi-annual cleaning procedure at the Marconi Dental Group, using a gel applied by our hygienists. We see the benefits of fluoride use on a daily basis in our dental practice and therefore encourage you to be confident in the water provided by the SSWD.

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