To enjoy a healthy mouth, you’ve got to keep your teeth and gums clean. At the Marconi Dental Group, we find that most patients have a daily routine of brushing, but when it comes to flossing, it’s sometimes a different story.

Do you hate flossing? If so, we might recommend an interdental cleaner as an effective yet practical alternative.

Using an Interdental Brush

A toothbrush is great for keeping your teeth clean, but there are certain places a toothbrush simply can’t reach. Think of the small gaps and crevices between your teeth, or the intersection between tooth and gum. To get to these hard-to-reach areas, you could use an interdental brush.

An interdental brush is a thin, round or cone-shaped brush with a small bristled head that kind of looks like a tiny pipe cleaner. Interdental brushes are much smaller than toothbrushes, and their short bristles can reach very tight spaces.

Many of our patients prefer interdental brushes to floss because they find the handles make them easier to use. Whereas floss is typically “one size fits all,” interdental brushes come in varying sizes, so you can choose the brush that comfortably fits between your teeth, or even use different brushes for different areas of your mouth.

In fact, clinical studies indicate that combined with a regular routine of toothbrushing, interdental brushes greatly reduce plaque, help to control gingivitis, and are a suitable alternative to flossing.

Are Interdental Brushes Right for You?

Why might you consider using an interdental brush?

Maybe for one of the following reasons:

Limited mobility: If you’re an older or disabled patient, you may find an interdental brush’s handle makes it easier to maneuver than dental floss.

Braces: If you have braces, you know it’s almost impossible to floss. Interdental brushes can help you make sure you remove food particles from difficult-to-reach areas.

Tooth gaps: If you have a large space between two or more teeth, an interdental brush will prove much more effective at cleaning the sides of your teeth.

Dislike of floss: For whatever reason, you may simply be one of those persons who hates to floss. Since interdental brushes more closely resemble the action of brushing teeth, you might find yourself more inclined to include their use in your daily routine.

Are you looking for a Carmichael dentist who can help inform your decision about using interdental brushes? If so, give us a call at the Marconi Dental Group today and we’ll get you set up with an appointment — and help keep your mouth clean, happy, and healthy.