How Dental Implants Keep You Young

How a dental implant fits into your jaw, after installation by our Carmichael dentist.

Loosing Teeth Leads to Aging

When we vigorously exercise, it is not just for the benefit of our muscles and waistline. All that work and movement also strengthens our bones. When we stress our skeleton, it responds by getting stronger. The roots of our teeth and our jawbone react the same way. When we chew and bite down, the roots of our teeth put pressure on our jaw, keeping it strong and encouraging bone retention.

Have you lost teeth due to accident or dental issues? If so, the beneficial pressure transferred from your roots to your jawbone is gone. Without it, your jaw and profile will eventually begin to recede, changing the way you look, and not for the better. When it comes to the jaw, less is not more and you’ll begin to look older than your driver’s license says you are.

Rather than using conventional dentures or bridges, there is an option that does not just replace your teeth, but preserves your appearance and profile. Implants – dental implants, that is! Fused directly to your bone and providing pressure on your jaw, implants foster jawbone retention. You can choose to have each missing tooth replaced with implants, or install a set of implants that hold snap-in dentures or bridges securely in place. Whichever procedure you choose, opting for dental implants will have a lasting benefit on your dental health. You’ll be preventing bone loss, providing a more natural and healthy appearance with your pretty new smile.

We are sensitive to the fact that missing teeth, even just one or two, is truly a loss that you are dealing with. Please know that dental implants from Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group are an exciting option for replacing what has been lost. You have lost your teeth, but you have not lost your chance to keep a strong, healthy and youthful appearance. Contact us today to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants!

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The pictures in this post were simple but got the point across. I didn’t know that dental implants can preserve your jaw line.

That graphic is very powerful. I know people who were so happy to get full dentures after years of bad teeth, but I don’t know how many know that having no roots means eventual loss of jaw bone. My mom is 91 and still has all her teeth, pretty impressive! Hopefully I got her dental genes.

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