Healthy Teeth Start Early

Our dental team visited Bright Horizons on Cottage Way to present information about children's dental health.

Marconi Dental Group Participates in Children’s Dental Health Month

Presentation at Bright Horizons Features Flossisaurus

The end of February found members of the Marconi Dental Group visiting the eager youngsters at Bright Horizons School on Cottage Way in Carmichael to encourage good dental health habits. Dr. Maryam Saleh with Dental Assistants Lisa Drisdon and Christina Jones illustrated the differences between foods that are good for your teeth and bad for your teeth, demonstrated how to brush and floss properly and explained the reasons for cleaning your teeth every day. Teaching children how to keep their teeth healthy when they are young helps them avoid problems with their primary teeth and gives them the tools to care for their oral health throughout their life.

Good Food Versus Bad Food

One of the presentations had the children select between foods that are good for your teeth and foods that are bad for your teeth. As you can see from the image, candy, donuts and snack foods lose when compared to veggies and fruits for healthy eating. Processed sugars stick to the teeth and provide food for oral bacteria. When these bacteria have something to eat, our teeth suffer! Healthy food limits bacterial growth and promotes strong bones and tooth enamel.

Flossisaurus is used to demonstrate how children should brush and floss their teeth.
Flossisaurus is the resident dinosaur at the Marconi Dental Group.

Introducing Flossisaurus

How do you brush and floss your teeth properly? Nothing works better for teaching purposes than a visual demonstration, and the Marconi Dental Group’s Flossisaurus helped the students learn how to clean their teeth with a toothbrush and dental floss. Pre-schoolers love dinosaurs, although they have probably never seen one quite like Flossisaurus. With a bite the size of your typical kindergartner, our resident dinosaur may not be taking down any brontosaurs, but it can still show you how to get the meat and bacteria out of the gaps between your teeth and your gums.

Good Dental Health Habits

Following the American Dental Association’s recommendations, the children were encouraged to:

  • Brush Twice Daily for Two Minutes
  • Floss Every Day
  • Keep Eating Healthy Foods
  • Visit a Dentist Twice a Year

To introduce your children to good dental habits and stage a meeting with Flossisaurus, call the Marconi Dental Group at 916-589-6462, visit our office at 4350 Marconi Avenue, Suite 100, or make an appointment through our website. If your school would like to have a visit from Carmichael dentist Dr. Maryam Saleh and our team of dental educators, including Flossisaurus, we are happy to help you!
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Sounds like a great program! Starting young with good habits is the key. I remember we had a flossing and brushing session after lunch in class every day in 1st-3rd grade.

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