Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Carmichael, CA

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Carmichael CA | Marconi Dental Group


Does your entire smile need to be rehabilitated? Have you lost several teeth, suffered from severe tooth decay or multiple broken restorations? It’s ok. While some people may be too embarrassed to go to the dentist for help, it’s important to know that Marconi Dental Group can help you enjoy a strong, healthy smile again without any embarrassment or discomfort.

Restore Function to Your Smile

You need your teeth each and every day to enjoy your meals, talk to your friends, and even smile in public. Our first goal is to remove infection and disease from your mouth in order to create a healthy environment. Then, we create a care plan that restores function to your smile. That means replacing your missing teeth with new ones, repairing restorations that are broken down, and eliminating pain caused by infection.

Boost Your Self Confidence

Dental treatments serve a dual purpose. Not only do they create a healthy bite to get you through each day, they also enhance your appearance. Our aesthetic techniques return beauty to your smile while also strengthening your teeth. When your teeth look good, you feel good. When you feel good – everyone knows it! Full mouth rehabilitation literally changes your confidence, self-esteem and social life.

Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

Suffering from oral diseases may not seem like a huge problem, but it impacts your overall health. Active diseases in your teeth and gums can cause bacteria to spread throughout the rest of your body. In fact, conditions like gum disease will increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity and several other health conditions.

Having a strong, healthy bite will also aid you in eating balanced meals. Many older adults avoid foods simply because they cannot chew them or it hurts to bite down. As a result they lose weight and have a harder time fighting off diseases. Enhancing your smile can help you consume enough calories and enjoy food that you haven’t had in years.

We Have Options that Fit Your Needs

There’s no one-way to complete full mouth rehabilitation. At Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael we will sit with you to discuss your initial concerns, goals, and examine the health of your existing teeth. From here we will discuss which options are available. Many people find that they have 2 or 3 different choices when it comes to replacing or repairing their teeth!

Get Started Today!

Dr. Alizadeh can help you enjoy a new smile all over again, regardless of how poor your oral health is. Whether it’s changing out broken restorations, placing permanent dental implants or discussing your denture options – it’s all available right here at Marconi Dental Group. We also offer financing options to help you afford all of the treatment that you need, so that cost is never an issue.

Find out more by calling us today to schedule your new patient exam and full mouth rehabilitation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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