Common Dental Emergencies and Their Treatments

Common Dental Emergencies

If there’s one thing to be said for dental emergencies – it is that they usually happen when you least expect them or at the most inconvenient time. You would not believe the number of emergencies that happen when people travel out of town on business or on Saturdays when most dentists in Carmichael are closed.

Immediately After Your Emergency

As soon as you experience a dental emergency, call our dental office. We are even open on Saturdays! The goal should be to have professional dental care within one hour of your emergency. Faster care means less time in pain and more successful options for repairing your tooth. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can prepare for your arrival and treatment.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Broken or chipped tooth enamel may be able to bond back to your tooth. If possible, locate your broken tooth fragment, even if it is dirty. Gently rinsing it off is all that you need to do as far as cleaning it. The most important part is to place your tooth fragment into a cup of milk or contact solution and bring it to our office immediately. Tap water can be used if nothing else is available, but it isn’t the preferred method.

Knocked Out Teeth

Avulsed (“knocked out”) teeth should be stored the same way. It is extremely important that you do not scrub your tooth clean, as this could remove the microscopic fibers that may enable it to be reimplanted. If you feel up to it, try placing the tooth back into its socket and holding it in place while you’re making your way to our office.

Abscesses or Swelling

Abscessed teeth or swelling around the face should not be ignored. In some rare circumstances it may even lead to hospitalization. Apply a warm damp cloth to the side of the face affected and alternate it with a cold compress every 10-15 minutes. An anti-inflammatory medication can also be used. In most cases we will recommend taking an antibiotic to clear up initial infection before treatment. Some areas of swelling may be so severe that they need to be drained in our office.

Tooth Pain

Anti-inflammatories are usually the preferred pain reliever for toothaches, as most pain is due to inflammation caused by infection. Moderate to severe pain warrants immediate dental care, but minor tooth discomfort can potentially wait a day or two until you can work a dental appointment into your busy schedule.

Broken Crowns and Fillings

If a restoration breaks off of your tooth, you need to have the tooth repaired in a timely manner. Otherwise the compromised enamel can break down to the point that it is no longer restorable (meaning that the tooth will have to be pulled.)

Emergency Dental Care in Carmichael

Marconi Dental Group has convenient office hours including Saturday appointment times so that you can get the emergency dental care that you need. Our first priority is to get you out of pain and help you save your tooth. Whether we’ve seen you for years or you are looking for a new dentist in Carmichael – we urge all patients to call us for their emergency dental care.

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