Action for Dental Health Taken

The US Congress recently took "action for dental health."

As reported by the American Dental Association and the United States Congress, the President recently signed the Action for Dental Health Act (ADHA). What are the provisions of this act? What reminders does it provide regarding the dental health of all Americans?

A Summary of Action for Dental Health

As explained by Congress, the bill amended the Public Health Service Act to reauthorize programs that promote oral health and the prevention of oral diseases. The act has five primary goals that are promoted by the Department of Health and Human Services working along with state, county and local public officials, or “other stakeholders.” These goals are:

  1. Improve oral health education and dental disease prevention;
  2. Reduce barriers to the provision of dental services;
  3. Establish dental “homes” for children and adults;
  4. Reduce the use of emergency services for dental problems by encouraging the use of primary care dentists;
  5. Provide dental care to nursing home residents.

Why are these five points important? Let us focus chiefly on the last three.

Find Your Dental Home

A “dental home,” as defined by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, is a place where you know you can go for “comprehensive oral health care.” Do you have a dental home? The Marconi Dental Group has room for more patients and provides all of the services needed for dental health from “cradle to grave.” Find your “home” right here at our Carmichael office!

Prevent Emergencies Before They Happen

Many people wait to deal with toothache or other oral problems until the pain is excruciating! Somehow they think that the pain of fixing the problem is worse than the pain itself. This is not true! Dental procedures can be accomplished completely painlessly. What’s more, very few emergency rooms have dentists on staff. Therefore, visit an emergency room for a toothache and you are likely to be seen by a non-dental medical doctor without significant experience in dentistry. Would you rather have your tooth seen by an expert in tooth pain, or by a doctor with more experience with other parts of your body? The choice is clear — find your “dental home” and go there to get little problems fixed before they become emergencies.

Dentures Need Dentists

Many nursing home patients are edentulous, meaning they no longer have teeth. This does not mean that they no longer need dental care. Dentures should be regularly examined to make certain that they fit properly and continue to help the patient to eat and speak well. The gums can suffer from various diseases with or without teeth and continue to need proper examination. Either way, if you have a family member in a nursing home, make sure they receive regular visits with a dentist.

For more information about how the Marconi Dental Group can help you meet the five goals featured in the ADHA, visit us online or at our Carmichael dental office.

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