5 Habits That May Be Destroying Your Teeth

Your smile is with your for life, so it’s important to take the very best care of it. With the New Year here, many people make resolutions to improve their quality of life. As you’re making your own list, be sure to get rid of bad habits that can affect the healthy and appearance of your teeth.  Your smile will thank you!

It’s Always A Good Time To Quit

If you need another reason to stop using tobacco products, your smile is it! Along with a variety of health complications, tobacco usage is also associated with several dental problems, including:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bad breath
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth Loss
  • Loss of jaw bone
  • Cavities

…and most especially, oral cancer. Do your smile a favor – and kick the tobacco habit!

Your Teeth Aren’t Tools

Can’t get that bottle open? Having a little difficulty tearing that duct tape? Do your nails need a trim? There’s a gadget to help with that – and it isn’t your smile! Using your teeth to conveniently access stubborn packages, or give yourself a quick manicure, is an easy way to crack or chip your teeth. While our Carmichael office offers dental emergency appointments, it’s better for your smile if you can avoid them!

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Keeping your smile healthy and bright, with good oral hygiene habits is great! Brushing too hard isn’t. Whether you’re applying too much pressure or using a toothbrush with firm bristles, too much brushing can actually damage your smile. Protect your gums and your tooth enamel by gently “massaging” your teeth, with gentle pressure and a soft toothbrush.

Grinding Your Teeth

Often times, stress or poor sleep habits can catch up with us and before we know it, we’re clenching our teeth. Whether you grind your teeth at night or while sitting in rush hour traffic, we can help! Don’t wait for your teeth to chip, crack or wear down – get a customized mouth guard at our Carmichael office.

Along with relaxation techniques, a protective appliance can make all the difference. Not only does it cushion your teeth, it can also ease the muscle soreness caused by clenching and help you enjoy a better night’s rest.

Frequent Snacks

Nibbling on foods throughout the day doesn’t just affect your waistline, it also impacts your smile and puts you at a higher risk of cavities. The residual food that lingers in your mouth offers the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish, leading to tooth decay. Avoid sugary sweets and beverages and opt for well-balanced meals that keep you feeling full, longer.

Skipping Your Checkups

Whether it’s a busy schedule or dental anxiety – if you’re not seeing our dental team every 6 months, give Marconi Dental Group a call! We offer convenient scheduling and Dr. Alizadeh will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed for your appointment. The important thing is taking the best care of your smile, to keep it healthy, and to prevent any existing problems from worsening.

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