3 Tips to Keep Your Dentures Sparkling

Keep Your Dentures Sparkling

If you have come to depend upon a set of dentures to enjoy a functional and beautiful smile, then you certainly want to keep them looking their very best! Dentures can draw negative attention to your smile if they’ve picked up heavy stain over time. How can you keep your dentures bright for as long as possible? The team at Marconi Dental Group recommend these three tips.

Clean Your Prosthesis Daily with Denture-Safe Products

Even when you aren’t eating, food residue and bacteria tend to linger on your dentures. Your drink choices will also leave their mark after meals or snacks.

Cleaning dentures on a regular basis is the best way to prevent stain from lodging deep in the pores of the acrylic. Use a soft denture brush to remove debris two or three times a day. Soaking your denture at night in water and an appropriate denture cleaning product will help lift stains and prevent them from accumulating.

When cleaning dentures, you may be tempted to use very strong cleaning products such as bleach. It’s being cleaned outside of your mouth, so there’s no harm, right? Actually, bleach residue can cling to the acrylic of your denture. This can cause some irritation to the sensitive tissues inside of your mouth. Bleach and other strong chemicals can cause the acrylic to weaken and become more porous. Obviously this is counterproductive if your goal is to prevent your dentures from absorbing stain in the first place.

A separate hygiene product that is designed specifically for dentures will not alter the color or strength of your prosthesis. Your best bet is to ask your dentist for recommendations on safe care and cleaning of your dentures before learning through trial and error.

Watch What You Eat

Just as with natural teeth, certain foods are apt to leave a tenacious stain over time. No matter what you have in your smile–natural teeth, veneers, bonding, or dentures–almost everything is prone to picking up the evidence of food stain.

Be selective about how often you enjoy darker colored foods or beverages such as:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Red sauces
  • Soda
  • Curry

Tobacco use will also stain dentures just as easily as it can natural teeth. If you choose to eat staining foods while wearing your denture, take a minute to rinse it well with water soon after doing so.

Get A Professional Denture Cleaning in Carmichael

For your most brilliant smile with dentures, visit Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael, CA. A comfortable and natural-feeling smile is a gorgeous smile, so make sure to stop by if your denture is damaged or not fitting properly. Don’t attempt adjustments at home as you could easily cause more damage.

When you visit the dentists at Marconi, you can have your dentures professionally cleaned. Stains are removed and the denture is given a gentle ultrasonic water bath. This all happens after an oral exam, while you relax in a comfortable dental chair and chat with one of the dentists about your oral health concerns. Schedule your next visit today!

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