3 Reasons to Consider Sleep Dentistry

You don’t need to have an intense phobia of the dentist’s office to be a candidate for sleep dentistry. Quite the contrary! At Marconi Dental Group, many of our sedation patients actually enjoy scheduling their checkups with us. But, there are advantages of sedation dentistry that you may not have considered before. Here are just a few of them:

You Can Tune Everything Out

Sometimes all you want to do is relax. If you had the opportunity to sit back and feel as if you’re napping the entire time, a sedation dental appointment can actually sound like quite the treat! When you don’t usually need very much dental work or you’re just not a fan of the sights and sounds of what is going on, sedation lets you tune it all out.

Although you’ll be semi-conscious, you likely won’t remember a single thing about the visit. The majority of our patients tell us that it feels like they were dreaming or taking a nap. Fortunately, you’ll still be able to respond to basic instructions such as “open wide” or “do you feel this?”

Complete Most Treatment in One Sitting

Let’s say you need a filling on the top right side of your mouth, a crown on the bottom left side of your mouth…oh, and you’re hoping to do a bit of cosmetic work on your front teeth.

Generally, we would spread these phases of treatment out over a few different visits. This would prevent Dr. Alizadeh from having to numb your entire mouth. It would also prevent you from having to sit uncomfortably or keeping your mouth open for a longer period of time while everything else is done.

With sedation dentistry, it’s easier than ever to complete everything at one time. You won’t mind the slightly longer procedure, because you’ll feel like you’re napping the entire time. If you need more complex work (such as root canals) alongside of other procedures, all you need is one appointment instead of two or three. 

Save Money

Just about anyone can afford adding sedation onto their treatment. But, when you consider how much time you’re having to take off of work, you might wonder how you can afford not to have sedation dentistry! With everything finished up in one visit, you’re only making one trip to our Carmichael dentist, which means only one day off of work or school.

But Can I Afford Sleep Dentistry?

At Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael, sleep and sedation dentistry is far more affordable than you think! It’s a great add on to overcome your anxiety or phobia and spend less time in a dental setting. Most of the types of sedatives that we recommend involve a prescription medication that is taken by mouth at the time of your appointment. It’s safe, convenient, and easier than you ever would have thought.

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