Does Invisalign Work with Bridgework?

Invisalign puts pressure on individual teeth to straighten the bite and smile. With the gaps in the mouth with bridgework, that pressure would be missing, In some cases, it is possible to combine the two, but this can only be determined after consulting with your dentist at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Office.

Does Invisalign Work with Veneers?

Yes, Invisalign can work with veneers, but not in all cases. A consultation with the team of dentists at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group will let you know if Invisalign can combine with your veneers.

Can Invisalign Fix My Teeth If I Used Braces Before?

You may have had traditional braces in the past, but have your teeth now shifted? Maybe you were not diligent about wearing your retainer, or possibly your initial treatment did not achieve the results your hoped for? Whatever the reasons, Invisalign may be the perfect solution to give you the smile you wish you finished […]

Can Dr. Alizadeh Remove Braces and Switch to Invisalign?

If you currently have braces and would like to switch to the comfort and convenience of Invisalign, a visit with your Carmichael dentist is recommended. Make an appointment with the Marconi Dental Group to see if a mid-treatment upgrade to Invisalign is a good choice for you.