I Cracked an Aligner — What Do I Do?

It an aligner cracks and you just started using it, you can go back to your last aligner instead. If your new aligner has arrived and it’s almost time to use it, you can probably start with the new one right away. In either case, a cracked aligner will not work properly and must be […]

I Dropped My Aligner on the Floor — Now What?

There’s no “five second rule” for dropped aligners. It’s best to clean it thoroughly before reinserting it into your mouth. Never use hot water to do the cleaning! High temperatures can deform your aligners. Invisalign recommends using their Cleaning Kit with sanitizing crystals that thoroughly clean your aligners in fifteen minutes or less. You can […]

I Went On Vacation and Forgot My Aligners — What Now?

Going without your aligner for a few days is not the “end of the world,” but you will notice a difference when you return. Hopefully, your current aligner still fits fine. If you go a longer period without your Invisalign tray, using it when you return will feel a lot like it did when you […]

Sometimes My Teeth Feel Loose — Is That Normal?

Invisalign moves your teeth. It’s how they improve your smile! So the teeth do occasionally feel loose during any orthodontic process. Don’t be afraid to use your teeth for chewing hard foods and biting into fruits like apples. When your smile is completely corrected and you switch to a retainer, any feeling of “looseness” in […]