Dental X-Rays are Essential

Dental X-Rays
Dental x-rays are a safe and effective means of diagnosing unseen dental problems.

While not claiming to have super powers, the dentists at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group do use x-ray vision to go where no human eye can see – inside your teeth. Dental x ray images are an important part of your regular dental examinations. You may have some concerns about the radiation you might be exposed to during this procedure. Let us assure you that the benefits of dental x-rays, along with the amazing advances in this field, will put your fears aside.

Dental X-Rays Compared to Natural Radiation

We all receive various amounts of radiation in our life. From necessary medical tests, to plane rides, to a simple walk in the sunshine, we are exposed to radiation in various ways. During your dental visit, all precautions are taken to limit your exposure. First, only the necessary images are taken using a very low dose with sophisticated machines. Second, your body is covered by a thick lead protector, so only your jaw and mouth area will receive this very pointed and limited dose of x-ray therapy. As a result, dental x-rays represent only a very tiny percentage of the radiation we receive simply from living on Planet Earth. The advantages to your overall health should far outweigh any worries you may have. X-rays are the very best way for Dr. Alizadeh to determine if you have any of the following conditions:

Types of X-ray Imaging

It is recommended that every year you have a “bitewing” x-ray image. This is the x-ray that has you bite down to get the right angle. This allows the dentists at the Marconi Dental Group to see the condition of your enamel and the height of the bone between the teeth.

Full-set x-rays of the entire mouth are suggested every three to five years, providing a complete view of every tooth in relation to the bone and neighboring teeth.

A periapical x-ray will take a picture of just one tooth. This will typically be done if you are complaining of a toothache, so that your dentist can examine that tooth specifically.

A panoramic x-ray of your teeth and jaw, called a Panorex, can be taken without having to place anything in your mouth. Both your upper and lower jaw are seen together with one picture. This kind of image is necessary for impacted teeth or to examine suspected problems below your gum line.

As part of his Carmichael dentistry practice, Dr. Alizadeh  only recommends the x-rays necessary for ensuring your long-term oral health and safety. Every precaution to ensure your well-being is considered and utilized by the Marconi Dental Group. Don’t let fear take away this useful “super power” employed by your dentist to give you a healthy smile!

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