Perio Protect cures gum disease by attacking bacteria where they live -- on your teeth and gums.
Is the foundation for your teeth crumbling from bacterial infection?

Would you be alarmed if you discovered that the foundation to your home was shrinking just a little bit year after year while developing pockets filled with harmful substances? You would likely get in your car, drive to a home improvement store and beg for answers to your problem! If there was a proven, simple and non-toxic treatment for your foundation, would you delay solving the issue or would you get busy and fix it?

Let’s relate this illustration to your gums and jawbone. Together they are the foundation of your teeth, protecting and supporting them, so that your entire mouth and body stays healthy. Uncontrolled gum disease will do damage to this foundation for your teeth. When your Carmichael dentist at the Marconi Dental Group finds signs of gum disease, we need to get serious and fix it!

Advanced gum disease affects up to 12% of U.S. adults.” — Centers for Disease Control

One of the first signs of gum disease is the growth of gum pockets that hide bacteria. If you have either forgone regular dental office cleanings, not kept up with a good routine of home dental hygiene or just naturally produce a lot of bacteria and plaque, gum disease is inevitable. It cannot be wished or swished away by even the strongest tasting over-the-counter rinses.

Stop Gum Disease at the Source!

Treating gum disease and gingivitis involves regular effort between you and your dentist. Now, in addition to standard treatments, there is a method for bathing your gums in a product that destroys bacteria on contact — Perio Protect. In the convenience of your own home, using custom trays similar to those used in tooth whitening, Perio Protect delivers medication right where you need it, deep into your gum line and periodontal pockets. The result is a reduction in bacterial growths, bacteria and the size of your gum pockets. This means less treatment is needed at the dentist and your dental health is improved tremendously.

Perio Protect is a painless, effective and easy treatment for gum disease. You wear your Perio Protect trays for only minutes a day! If you have an ongoing gum problem, including gum recession, that has not responded to traditional dental treatment, please make an appointment to find out more about Perio Protect during a consultation at the Marconi Dental Group.

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