Perio Protect In Only Minutes Each Day!

Fight gum disease with Perio Protect and the help of your Carmichael dentist at the Marconi Dental Group.
Is he happy because his team scored, or because he is watching TV while using Perio Protect?

Custom fit trays are an extremely useful tool for many dental issues. They are used to whiten, straighten and protect teeth in a convenient and comfortable way. Using this familiar and tested process, our own dental lab uses a mold of your teeth to create Perio Protect dental trays made just for you.

Then, for just a few minutes every day, you’ll add a prescribed medication to your trays and put them in your mouth. While the medicine is being delivered directly to your gums, you can continue with your normal routine. As you watch TV, search the web, clean the house or exercise, your gums are getting the benefit of direct contact with medication that treats your gum disease. Imagine that — while you’re catching up on what you have to do, Perio Protect is doing what it does, treating your lingering issues with gum diseasebad breath and excessive tartar or plaque! When the time is up, you simply remove your custom fit trays until the next treatment, knowing you are one day closer to better dental health. Make an appointment with the Marconi Dental Group to learn more about the wonderful benefits of Perio Protect!

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