Gum Disease Treated in Minutes!

“Application of the system for two weeks significantly decreased gingival bleeding and pocket depth from baseline and when compared to the untreated control.” — from an Indiana University report on Perio Protect.

Perio Protect is an exciting new way to treat periodontitis, commonly called gum disease. Gum disease causes enlarged periodontal pockets, recessed gums, bad breath and other health issues. Worst of all, gum disease eventually leads to tooth loss! That is why traditional treatments for periodontitis are at times aggressive, using root scaling and extra dental visits to clean deep under the gum line. Perio Protect is a new, effective and simple tool that treats gum disease in just minutes a day. Successfully destroying and preventing the overgrowth of bacteria living under the gums, The Marconi Dental Group of Carmichael is happy to offer you this easy to use and effective treatment to end some forms of bad breath while making healthier teeth and gums.

Why Perio Protect?