Helping Carmichael Understand Gum Disease

Healthy teeth and gums — you can’t have one without the other. If you compare your teeth to a house, your gums would be the foundation. Just as a beautiful house needs a good foundation, your teeth need healthy gums. That is why regular visits to Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group, along with diligent care at home, are essential to keeping your gums healthy, which will keep your teeth healthy. Done right, it’s one big happy circle of good dental health.

Gum disease is diagnosed and treated by your Carmichael dentist at the Marconi Dental Group.
A dental probe measures the gap between the teeth and the gums. Large pockets indicate of gum disease.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can be diagnosed during a regular oral examination. Early stages often show few symptoms, but if your dentist says you have it, this is not something to ignore. Studies show that untreated gum disease can contribute to heart attack, stroke and premature birth. On the positive side, treating gum disease will contribute greatly to your overall health!

What causes periodontal disease? Oral bacteria builds up plaque and tartar, which works its way under your gums. Good dental habits at home are essential to fighting plaque and tartar, but visits to your dentist for regular cleanings are a must too. If you have any irritation or redness of your gums, or they bleed when you floss, please don’t view this as normal. Keep brushing, keep flossing, but come in right away to Marconi Dental Group to get the help you need. Just as you wouldn’t hire a decorator to fix your house’s foundation, don’t think any product you buy at the drugstore can cure your gum disease.


Anything ending in “itis” means inflammation, so a diagnosis of gingivitis means you have gum inflammation. The little pockets of gum tissue that surround the teeth are starting to expand due to inflammation. The amount of space will be measured to see the extent of the problem. A thorough cleaning is necessary, along with diligent care at home. The dentists at our Carmichael office will advise you of all the latest products to get your gums back in a healthy situation. Finding a routine that works for you is important for the future of your smile.


If you are diagnosed with periodontitis, the space between your teeth and gums has grown beyond the stage of gingivitis. Due to prolonged exposure to plaque and tartar, your gums are in bad shape. They probably bleed easily and there has been some bone loss. This is not the time to wish it away and hope some magic mouthwash will make it all better. The only “magic” wand is in the hands of your dentist, and prompt treatment is necessary. Contact the Marconi Dental Group right now and together we will get your gums healthy again so your teeth can be healthy again.

Advanced Periodontitis

If left untreated, advanced periodontitis will cause tooth loss. That means treating advanced gum disease can save your teeth. Leaving it untreated is a guarantee of future major dental problems, such as fillings, extractions or root canals. Please contact the caring dentists at our Carmichael office for a consultation if you suffer from advanced gum disease. It is likely you already know the bad news: bleeding gums, painful gums, bone loss, loose teeth. Come in to learn the good news: better dental health in your future.
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