As part of your routine dental checkup, the Marconi Dental Group uses VELscope screening to make a full examination of your oral health. Until recently, cases of oral cancer were detected only in later stages of the disease. With the use of VELscope technology, oral cancer is detected and addressed early.

A VELscope is a wireless device that supplements a comprehensive oral exam. It emits a harmless, bright blue light that causes soft tissue in the mouth to glow – similar to a white shirt under a black light. With the VELscope, abnormalities that aren’t visible to the naked eye can be seen and managed, including early stages of oral cancer. The VELscope highlights bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, if present. It can also help locate salivary gland tumors, or unseen causes of oral inflammation. The VELscope procedure only takes about two minutes, making it both efficient and effective.

When you schedule your next checkup with the Marconi Dental Group, feel free to ask about a VELscope oral screening, and anticipate its use when you arrive.

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