Dental Exams — Not For DIY

What could be easier than examining your own teeth – you just open your mouth and look in a mirror, right? So some people say, “Why bother going to a dentist?” That’s a mistake that people regularly end up paying for with serious dental problems and many lost teeth. While you may be able to look inside your own mouth, the dental experts at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group are qualified to check, examine, preserve, identify, diagnose, evaluate and plan your complete dental health. Our dentists accomplish all of this in a quick and convenient dental exam.

What Happens During Your Dental Exam

Alongside our dentists, our staff of highly qualified hygienists are ready to identify potential problems with your teeth and gums. Your complete dental exam includes the following safe procedures, administered in our comfortable office:

If you have anxiety about making this first essential step of a dental exam, call the Marconi Dental Group to discuss sleep dentistry for a worry-free experience. When it comes to a complete dental exam, don’t try a do-it-yourself approach. Put down the mirror and pick up your phone to make an appointment for a professional dental exam.

Schedule A Dental Exam