Children love to smile, and parents love to see them smile. When kids lose their first teeth, they get excited to see their bigger ones grow in. But let’s be honest — regular daily activities like running, jumping, or riding bikes and skateboards, and especially playing on the local sporting teams, can be risky to a new set of teeth. You may have already invested in your child’s smile. So how do you protect their teeth? Fortunately, there are custom-fit mouthguards available for the protection of your child’s mouth.

Why Use a Custom Mouthguard?

Stock mouthguards are inexpensive and widely available, but their quality varies greatly. Since every mouth is different, finding the right fit is difficult, and the wrong fit leads to discomfort or little actual protection. “Boil and bite” mouthguards offer better comfort, but they often come short of covering the teeth completely and fit is still a major issue.

Custom-fit mouthguards avoid all of these problems with a perfect fit that stays firmly on your child’s teeth during sports and vigorous activities. To make a custom mouthguard, one of our Carmichael dentists takes an impression of your child’s teeth. Our in-house lab then uses the impression to make a resilient mouthguard made of sturdy, high-quality materials. This mouthguard provides protection, comfort, and peace of mind at a reasonable price.

Your child is more likely to use their mouthguard when it fits right and works right. Whatever activity or sport they want to pursue, the Marconi Dental Group is happy to discuss your options to make sure your child’s smile stays with them into adulthood.

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