Prosthodontics is a specialty field in dentistry. Prostho- relates to making a  “replacement” and -dontist relates to the “teeth.” Therefore, prosthodontists specialize in replacing teeth. Sacramento’s Marconi Dental Group includes a prosthodontist, and this specialist does much more than just replace missing teeth.

Responsibilities of a Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist is trained to do any of the following procedures:

The ultimate application of the prosthodontist’s skills is conducting a full-mouth restoration. Besides the prosthodontist, potentially every specialist in our dentistry group may be involved, including our skilled lab technicians. The prosthodontist manages the patient’s case and determines the best course to fully restore a mouth damaged by disease or trauma. With full-mouth restoration, a patient goes from toothless to a complete smile in a process that typically takes a period of months.

While many general dentists perform nearly all of the procedures that are done by a prosthodontist, prosthodontic specialists have more training in the field and usually perform many more of these specific restoration procedures over their career.

To consult with the prosthodontist at the Marconi Dental Group, call our office at 916-589-6462 or contact us online.

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