When it comes to your oral health, cavities are public enemy number one. And the best way to defeat a cavity is to fill it. That’s why tooth fillings are one of the most popular procedures in a dental practice.

But have you ever wondered what makes up a filling?

What Is a Dental Filling?

Simply put, a cavity is a hole that has developed in your tooth. A dental filling is a composite material that “fills” the hole, thus restoring the tooth to its normal shape and function.

Dental fillings come in a variety of different materials. If you’re in need of a filling, your Sacramento dentist will consider your personal needs before recommending one of the following materials:

Which Type of Filling Should You Choose?

Choosing the right filling material is an important decision, as hopefully it’s something you’ll be living with for a very long time! That’s why we at the Marconi Dental Group are happy to assist you in making that decision. As your Sacramento dental filling experts, we’ll help you choose the best type of filling for you.

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