Fillings are needed when tooth decay breaches some of the protective enamel covering a tooth, establishing the feared dental “cavity.” Leaving decay alone is never recommended as it will get worse, leading to toothache and either endodontic treatment or tooth loss. New techniques in pain control and cavity preparation make this a quick and quite routine dentistry process.

Composite fillings are standard in most cases and have the benefit of matching the color of your teeth. Where composites cannot be employed, which is seldom, treating your tooth is simpler than ever with the traditional and economical amalgam filling. Finally, ionomer fillings are, like composites, a nearly invisible option that is used to repair non-chewing surfaces. Here are more details about how our Sacramento dentists apply these filling options.

Composite Restorations

Composite fillings are made of a glass or quartz compound mixed with a tooth-colored resin. The composite compound bonds to your tooth. So with composites, a cavity requires less drilling. Where possible, the Marconi Dental Group applies composite fillings.
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