An abscess is a severe infection around the root of a tooth. It is usually caused by an infection in a tooth that spreads to the gums and jawbone. While an abscess often causes a tremendous toothache, some abscesses unfortunately cause no symptoms whatsoever. As the abscess grows, it can destroy both gum and bone, leading to significant damage if neglected. Preventing abscesses requires regular oral hygiene and semi-annual visits to your Carmichael dentist that include annual x-rays.

Symptoms of an Oral Abscess

A patient with an abscess usually has one or more the following symptoms:

If you have any of these symptoms, you need to contact the Marconi Dental Group right away for immediate diagnosis and treatment. If the damage is not significant, your tooth can be saved. In some situations, however, the underlying bone is destroyed and extraction is necessary simply to preserve the jaw and facial structure. This emphasizes the need for early treatment if you ever have the slightest indications of pain coming from a tooth. Our Carmichael dentists are ready to help. Contact us online or by calling 916-589-6462.

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