When teeth are stained internally, exterior tooth whitening products cannot eliminate the stain. An endodontic whitening procedure with the Marconi Dental Group is the only way to whiten the tooth. Internal tooth stains that can be repaired come from one of two causes: a failed root canal treatment that led to discoloration, or trauma to the tooth that caused internal bleeding.

Whitening Teeth from the Inside

To whiten a tooth from the inside, a small hole must be drilled through the enamel to reach the internal chamber of the tooth. This procedure is essentially the same as a root canal. In the case of a failed root canal, the dentist simply reopens the repair and clears out the old restoration material.

The interior of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in preparation for whitening. Once the tooth is ready, it is packed with a bleaching solution and then temporarily sealed. The whitening material is left in the tooth for a few days and then the patient returns to our Carmichael dental office to complete the procedure.

After the tooth is sufficiently whitened, it is reopened and the whitening agent is removed. The tooth is filled with a strengthening material and once again sealed, this time permanently. Internally whitening a tooth is less expensive than the other options for fixing such stains, such as covering the tooth with a veneer or a crown.

For more information about internal tooth whitening and to determine if your tooth is a candidate for this procedure, contact the Marconi Dental Group.

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