The first stage in caring for dentures is learning how to use them properly. Getting accustomed to new dentures may require a few weeks. With time, the cheek muscles and tongue adjust to the new appliance and help you become expert in their use. With practice, clients appreciate their restored smile, eating well and enjoying a full range of voice. Some minor adjustments by your Carmichael dentist during this initial period will ensure your denture is comfortable and fully functional.

The second stage in caring for the dentures is keeping them clean, just like regular teeth. Every day they should be taken out and brushed with a soft toothbrush. Additionally, to keep your oral health, your gums should be brushed and cleaned daily, as well as your palate and tongue. These habits are essential! If you find the dentures slippery, it may help to lay them on a towel while you clean them. Always take great care to not drop the dentures! Falls onto the floor or hard porcelain may crack a denture, which will require repair by a professional.

Millions are aided by the benefits of dentures. Dentistry has made these tools into one of the most helpful and aesthetic dental appliances ever formulated. Let the Marconi Dental Group demonstrate the benefits of a complete or partial denture for your health and smile at our comfortable dental clinic in Carmichael.

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