When a tooth gets injured, continuing to use it without protecting the damaged area leads to further damage and further pain. Your dentist might recommend a crown, or cap, to restore the tooth’s structure and shape. Since the lab needs time to manufacture the crown using strong, durable materials, the Marconi Dental Group offers temporary crowns to protect your teeth in the meantime.

Temporary crowns are made of plastic or stainless steel, and usually stay with you for only two to three weeks. They are not meant to be permanent, but they protect the teeth and nerves until permanent crowns take their place. Although special circumstances like medical procedures or complicated lab work could lengthen that time period, such an exception is rare.

Caring for a Temporary Crown

Temporary crowns come with some limitations, since they are not as durable as the permanent variety. Avoid eating sticky or chewy foods like chewing gum or taffy. Such things that can take hold of the crown and pull it off your tooth. In addition, hard foods like raw vegetables or ice may dislodge or break the crown. In fact, using the other side of your mouth for most of your chewing might be best – it reduces any meddling with the temporary crown. Likewise, dental floss may cause problems. Talk to our Carmichael dentists to figure out what you should do about flossing in the area of the temporary crown.

When everything is ready, the Marconi Dental Group removes the temporary crown and puts in your permanent one. Once it is cemented in place, you are ready to restart your normal habits. But thanks to a temporary crown, you avoid pain and damage before your long-term solution is in position.

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