Crowns, Inlays and Overlays for Sacramento Clients

The Marconi Dental Group has a dental technician on staff to produce crowns, inlays and onlays.
The majority of our crowns are made in our own dental lab by a master technician.

Your dentist says you need a crown, yet those words don’t make you feel at all like royalty. Why? We may have the impression that crowns will show, that they’ll fall off, that they won’t last. It’s time to learn why you may need a crown, which type is best for you and how to make it last.

If you have a tooth that is heavily damaged, decayed or broken, there won’t be enough tooth for a filling to fill. The next step up from a filling is an inlay. As the word denotes, this smallest of crowns fits within the shape of your tooth’s chewing surface. An overlay goes one step further, covering all or most of the upper part of your tooth. Lastly, for those royal pains of damaged teeth, is the crown. Also known as “caps,” crowns cover and protect the entire tooth.

Working hard to save as much of your tooth as possible, the team at the Sacramento office of the Marconi Dental group will carefully assess your need for an inlay, overlay or crown. Initial preparation will be done and a mold of your tooth and its neighbors will be taken. You are provided a temporary crown for your tooth and you even get some options for the type of materials available. Your choice will be based on what is best for your tooth and dental health, the cost and what will make you feel most like a prince or princess. All of our fixed dental appliances are crafted on site by our skilled dental lab technician, so there’s no delay for shipping of molds or delivery of your crown.

Materials for Crowns, Overlays and Inlays


Porcelain, or ceramic, is now the most popular and effective choice for inlays, overlays and crowns. The color is matched to your own teeth, they are durable and look extremely natural. The newest materials available create no extra wear to your adjoining teeth, solving a former problem with aging porcelain dental appliances.

Gold and Silver Alloys

Providing the standard of crowns for years throughout the world, gold is highly resistant to tarnishing and wear. Because of its lasting qualities, it won’t damage surrounding teeth. Silver metal alloys provide the necessary durability at a more affordable price. It is possible to provide gold crowns at the Marconi Dental Group, but naturally, due to the royal cost of the materials, there is an additional materials charge.
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