Building Bridges

Bridges connect two things together. To get your smile and confidence back, there may come a time when you need to “bridge the gap” in your mouth with a custom-made dental appliance. Since an area of missing teeth can also cause issues with speech and eating, it’s time to come into Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group and talk with us about building bridges.

Just like crowns, bridges can be made from a variety of dental materials. Most of our bridges are built right here in our Carmichael dental lab by our own master dental technician. Your likely choice will be natural-appearing, true-to-tooth porcelain affixed to a metal support. Typically, a bridge is anchored by crowns on healthy teeth, with the new span of replacement teeth in between. Besides doing the obvious and replacing a gap in your teeth, the bridge acts as a support to keep your healthy teeth where they’re supposed to be, preseving your smile and your bite.

Standard bridges stay where they belong and cannot be removed by the wearer. They are super durable and will last many years before needing replacement or reattachment. A bridge can also be affixed to your gums by using dental implants. Implants also give us the option of creating a removable bridge or partial denture with a firm foundation.

The Marconi Dental Group can make bridges for our Carmichael dental patients.
Dental bridges are made in our own dental lab to match the color of your remaining teeth.

With a standard bridge, during your first visit your surrounding teeth will be prepped, a mold will be made of your jaw and careful measurements will be taken of your jaw and teeth. Don’t worry, you’ll leave that visit with a temporary bridge that will get you through to your second visit. That’s when your customized bridge is cemented into place, securing your new appliance into place.

Let the Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael give you back the smile you want and return your mouth to its full function as you speak, laugh and enjoy meals again. You and your remaining teeth will be so glad you made the choice to bridge the gap.

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