When You Want A Perfect Smile

Six Month Smiles is provided by the Carmichael dentists at the Marconi Dental Group.Have you ever known someone who seemed to have braces on so long you forgot what they looked like without them? Is that what puts you off from even thinking of straightening your own crooked, twisted or gapped teeth? It’s time for you to learn about Six Month Smiles! How long does this process take to straighten your teeth? You guessed it – only half a year! Doesn’t that sound doable?

If you opt for clear or tooth-colored braces, Six Month Smiles can have the invisibility of aligners, but with about a third of the cost. While Six Month Smiles cannot be temporarily removed, as is the case with Invisalign, it fixes problems that aligners cannot and usually provides faster results.

Using standard orthodontic techniques, Six Months Smiles focuses on short-term cosmetic results. It doesn’t provide you with the perfect bite, but it will give you a beautiful smile. That’s why the Six Month Smile system is faster and less expensive when compared to full orthodontic treatments.

Please make an appointment at the Marconi Dental Group to learn more about Six Months Smiles, but before you do, get out your calander and look ahead 180 days. Your perfect smile is that close! What are you waiting for?

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