For decades, dentists turned to traditional braces as the primary method of orthodontic treatment. However, as the field of orthodontics continues to advance, new, more advanced methods and treatments have emerged. One of these is the PROPEL system.

PROPEL is a new technology that helps accelerate tooth movement and bone regrowth, while drastically reducing the amount of time a patient must wear an appliance. The Marconi Dental Group is happy to offer the PROPEL system as one of our various methods of orthodontic treatment.

Using the PROPEL System

PROPEL Orthodontics uses innovative methods to help stimulate bone production and quicken the process of shifting teeth.

First, your dentist will conduct a physical examination and administer an X-Ray. This will help determine the best place to stimulate the bone. Then, the dentist will use a special, proprietary device that creates very small holes in the jawbone. This will make the bone more pliable, enhancing the orthodontic treatment and increasing blood flow, which stimulates bone growth in the patient.

Dentists and patients like PROPEL because it’s quick and natural, promoting the patient’s own bone growth. The treatment only takes one visit to administer, and patients can return to their daily routine immediately.

Do you live in the Carmichael area and want to explore the possibility of using the PROPEL system to speed up your orthodontic treatment? If so, make an appointment at the Marconi Dental Group today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help determine if you could benefit from using PROPEL.