A side-by-side comparison of braces and the Invisalign system shows why the latter is the clear winner. If you need any more reasons or information to make your decision, please contact the Marconi Dental Group of Carmichael.

Braces Invisalign
First developed in the 1800s, perfected by the 20th century. First developed in the 1990’s, perfected in the 21st Century!
Uses brackets on your teeth, connected with metal wires. No metal is ever used. Clear plastic straightening trays are custom made for comfort and a smooth fit.
Pain and discomfort from poking and rubbing parts is common. No parts that irritate or cut soft mouth tissue.
Braces are usually clearly visible, changing your smile. Clearly superior, they’re called “Invisalign” for good reason – they’re almost invisible!
Braces cannot be taken off until your treatment is finished. Easily removed and replaced by the patient for special events (job interviews, portraits, you name it!).
Breaking a tooth is a possible side effect. Few minor side effects – safer for your teeth!
Long list of foods to avoid while wearing braces. Your aligner is removed while you enjoy your favorite foods.
Brushing and cleaning your teeth takes longer, since food gets stuck in the brackets and wires. Cleaning your teeth is simple! Just remove the aligner, brush your teeth and replace.
Flossing is complicated with braces, leading many wearers just give up, causing damage to gums and teeth. Remove Invisalign, floss your teeth normally, put Invisalign back in. Now that was easy!
Dental office visits are required for adjustments and take time from your busy schedule. New aligners are mailed to you. Visit the Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael only once every four to six weeks to monitor your progress.

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