Plan a Party to Celebrate Your Smile!

Invisalign treatment produces excellent orthodontic results.
Send out invitations to see your beautiful new smile!

Invisalign treatment typically takes a year or less for adults and more time for teenagers. Invisalign works best and most effectively when you consistently wear your aligners for the recommended 20 to 22 hours daily.  When you have reached the last of your aligners and your teeth look great straight, you are done! Then your little aligner attachments are removed for good and you’ll smile big for the camera to document your final results. At this last and most anticipated appointment, you will receive the kind of retainer necessary to maintain the benefits of your Invisalign treatment. (Retainers are also “invisible” and probably only needed when you sleep.)

Watch out world, here you come with your brand new smile! You’ll be glad you decided to improve your life with Invisalign!

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