What Parents Need to Know About Invisalign

When it comes to teenagers and braces, there are three categories:

Invisalign — Not the Braces You Remember!

You want them to eat right and have the best health possible. Invisalign helps them with both!
You want them to eat right and have the best health possible. Invisalign helps them with both!

If you had braces as a child or teen, you know firsthand the ups and downs of traditional orthodontics. It is hard enough to get young people to spend the required time to brush and floss their teeth, but add in a mouth full of brackets and wires? You likely remember as well the discomfort of the ever thicker wires and the rubbing irritation on your gums. Can you imagine the frustration of one Carmichael couple whose teenage boy, using wire cutters, would snip the wire of his braces after his visits to the orthodontist, complaining that his braces were too uncomfortable? Yet even with all the downsides of traditional braces, you still want your child to enjoy the upsides of orthodontics. What is a parent to do?

The solution is crystal clear – Invisalign Teen! This exciting 21st Century dental solution is a proven way to straighten teeth in a modern and comfortable way. Invisalign Teen is a removable aligner that does not use any wires or uncomfortable brackets. Your child can eat the same foods, participate in the same sports and enjoy the all-important social occasions and 24/7 photo ops of today’s youth.

Invisalign’s Custom Fit Aligners

While each straightening tray will cause slight discomfort when first worn, just like braces after an adjustment, this usually passes quickly as the teeth respond to the tension and move into a straighter position. Tray after tray brings your child closer to that straight smile you both wanted.

Do all those trays make you a little nervous? Do you have vivid memories of explaining to your parents how you accidentally threw out your retainer in your lunch bag? No worries, if your trusty teen misplaces an aligner, depending on the straightening schedule, he or she can either graduate to the next aligner a bit sooner or another one can be made. The Marconi Dental Group even provides up to six replacement aligners during the Invisalign Teen treatment time. You don’t have to tell your teen that, but it just might save you both from dumpster diving outside the school cafeteria.

Are you also a bit worried that your teen will take the aligners out a little too often and delay the straightening time? Invisalign Teen comes with its own little truth tester, the Blue Dot Indicator. This will let all know, teen, parents and dentist alike, if your son or daughter is faithfully wearing their aligners. So while taking Invisalign out for eating and dental hygiene is the beauty of this system, the trays can’t do their job if they are not worn the 20 to 22 hours every day.

Does This Sound Good to You?

If this sounds like the right step for your teenager, make an appointment to bring your teen to the Marconi Dental Group to discuss the benefits of Invisalign Teen. If your insurance policy covers orthodontics, Invisalign is an approved treatment. The end result: your child will thank you for years to come with their healthy and grateful smile.

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