The Cost of a Better Smile with Invisalign

Some people naturally have a beautiful smile. They don’t ever have to make the decision of whether to straighten their teeth, how to straighten their teeth and how much to spend straightening their teeth. The rest of us can rightly be annoyed at those born with the perfect smile. Nonetheless, we do have choices if we want healthy teeth and a healthy smile.

What is the cost of a straight smile?

Her smile and her coffee — the daily cost is about the same!
Her smile and her coffee — the daily cost is about the same!

In the case of Invisalign, that depends on how crooked your teeth are to start with. Since Invisalign works its magic with a series of comfortable clear trays, the cost for your treatment will hinge on the number of trays needed. We will know your costs up front, depending on how many trays are necessary for your customized program. A typical Invisalign treatment averages $3000. If your teeth are just a bit crooked, or your concerns very specific, that would mean less trays and considerable savings.

Many dental insurance plans cover all or part of Invisalign treatment, since it is an accepted orthodontic procedure. Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group does offer financing plans, and orthodontic treatment is eligible for pre-tax medical cost reimbursement programs that save you considerable dollars with the IRS. Come to our office to discuss your financial questions. Think about what a straight smile can mean for your confidence and esteem.The price of Invisalign is basically the same price you pay for two years of a daily coffee drink. Isn’t your smile worth a latte?

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